Stone Management

Complete stone treatment services. We are proud to announce the start of a new concept of medical treatment in Thane District
We are starting the First & only center for Comprehensive management of urinary stones in Thane Dist. Now all the facilities available at the best centers in the world are available at your doorstep at Mamata Hospital, Dombivli.

  • All stones removed without surgery
  • PCNL, URS, Flexible URS, RIRS, Laser Lithotripsy, ESWL under one roof
  • Flexible ureteroscope & video cystoscope
  • Only center in Thane district with all facilities for stone treatment
  • Emphasis on prevention of recurrent stones
  • Day care surgery using laser


Chief Urologist

Dr Pradeep Rao – Trained at one of the best endourology centers in the world in Nadiad, Gujarat with additional speciality training in Strasbourg, France & Cleveland,USA.
He is backed by one of the most modern endourology setups in India

Chief Gastroenterologist

Dr Prashanth Rao – Trained in KEM Hospital, Mumbai & Bordeaux, France will treat all biliary stones with minmally invasive surgery


The specialists will tackle all renal disease complications of stone disease. He will be backed by a most modern dialysis setup available at Mamata Hospital


Prevention is the goal where stone disease is concerned & we will do our best in helping you to prevent stone formation.
Dornier Compact Alpha Lithotripter The backbone of our stone center is the German Lithotripter from the company which
invented the device. We are proud to have one of the best lithotripters in the world as the centerpiece of the equipment at our center.
Most Kidney stones, Some ureteric stones & some bile duct stones can be treated on an outpatient basis without anesthesia.

EMS Swiss Lithoclast

The original device invented for intracorporeal lithotripsy. The First & only one in Thane district.
Along with the Lithovac device it ensures complete clearance of all renal, calculi during a PCNL.
Can drill through the hardest stones.

Lisa Holmiurn YAG Laser

The Holmium YAG laser has revolutionized the treatment of urinary calculi the world over & it is now available at your doorstep.The First & only
laser in Thane district for stones & prostates- It has the lowest rates of residual stones.
In combination with a flexible ureteroscope, any upper ureteric & renal calculi can be treated per-urethrally as a day care surgery.
Using a flexible nephroscope, any hard to access renal stone can be removed during a PCNL without needing a second renal puncture.

Retrograde intrarenal Surgery

The Surgery of the future available here in the present. All renal stones and some renal tumours can be treated per urethrally using a flexible utereroscope with a laser, Stones are fragmented using the Lisa laser & removed using baskets.

Flexible video Nephroscope with PIP

For the first time in india, a unique picture in picture facility with the olympus Visera helps to improve result using a flexible endoscope. the video scope gives greatly improved vision and allows check nephroscopy without anesthesia.

Highlights of stone center

  • One of the most well equiped and mordern stone center in india
  • No open surgery for any urinary stone
  • Many stones are treated as day care
  • Complete clearance of all stones
  • Only center to liberally use all flexible endoscopes for stone removal
  • Maximal patient comfort
  • Ultra mordern OR setup with Olympus Endo Alpha system
  • Enhanced patient safety with mordern anesthesia machine Datex Ohmeda
  • Advance digital recording capabilities with DVD of Surgery available for all
  • Dornier, Lithotripsy, Germany
  • Lisa laser, germany
  • Olympus flexible Video Cystoscope, Japan
  • Olympus Visera PIP Camera for optimum vision and recording during surgery
  • Complete dietry advice and counselling to prevent stone recurrence
  • Olympus flexible video Nephroscope to remove any residual stone without anesthesia
  • In house Laboratory run by Nicholas Piramal for stone analysis
  • Even bile duct & gall bladder stones can be treated with the same equipment & techniques
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